LTT NP3 Upgrade Kit & Trigger Job in a Bag

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Upgrade your Beretta 92 like never before with the Langdon Tactical NP3 Upgrade Kit.  This kit is comprised of all-new parts that have been NP3 coated, and includes our signature LTT trigger job.  

NP3 coating is Teflon enriched to have as little as half the friction of nickel boron and ten times the corrosion resistance.  The NP3 Upgrade Kit contains the busiest parts in an operating firearm.  Action, trigger pull, and magazine insertion/release will be smoother and longer lasting thanks to reduced friction.  Because little-to-no dirt-trapping oil is needed on these self-lubricating surfaces, reliability is also enhanced.

The NP3 Upgrade Kit includes the following:

  • G Conversion Kit
  • Solid Guide Rod (Wilson Combat Fluted for Full-Size guns)
  • Steel Trigger
  • Optimized Performance Trigger Bar
  • Oversized Mag Button
  • Elite II Hammer
  • Locking Block
  • US Lanyard Loop Pin 
  • plus several other metal parts. 

Take your Beretta 92 to the next level by either sending your pistol in for the upgrade or purchase the kit (LTT Trigger Job-enhanced parts included) for installation by a competent gunsmith near you -we include a 92 schematic with the parts that are included as well. 

This kit will work on almost any 92 Compact, Centurion, or Full-Size gun, including the 92X Series guns, 92 Elite Series, M9, M9A1, M9A3, 92FS, etc.  (It will convert it to a G model) If you have a single stack gun, the trigger bar will not work (Compact Type M).

Choose the "with 3 Magazines" option to include three NP3 Magazines with your order (Centurion and Full Size ship with 18 round mags, Compact ships with 15 round mags). Don't need 3, purchase individual NP3 mags here: Mec-Gar 18rd or Mec-Gar 15rd Compact