Custom Gun Work- Springfield Armory XD-E

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Order your Langdon Tactical custom gun work and trigger job for Springfield Armory XD-E pistols. 

Please fill out and ship this custom order form with your firearm. YOU MUST INCLUDE A COPY OF THE ORDER FORM and YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE WITH YOUR SHIPMENT. If you would like for us to send you a shipping label, please indicate that in your notes and forward a copy of your order to to request a shipping label. Shipping fees will be charged upon return of the firearm. 

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    Upgrades to XDE

    Posted by Merle Drew on Oct 3rd 2019

    Owned XDE for about a year. When I bought it I put around 50 rounds through it. Thought it was a nice gun and put it in vault where it stayed. Learned about Langdon tactical from the Lucky Gunner website. I saw that they upgraded Berettas’ and was interested. When they announced the upgrades to the XDE. I called right away and sent mine in. Figured that whatever they did to the gun could only make it better. WOW! What a difference. The trigger is like as smooth as glass. I’ve taken it to the range twice since I got it back. I think this might be my new favorite semi auto. I’m primarily a revolver guy but I love shooting this thing. I have now included it in my carry rotation. Can’t say enough nice things about Langdon Tactical and my “new” XDE.

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    Springfield XD-E Trigger Job

    Posted by Mike Williams on Sep 20th 2019

    I sent my XD-E to LTT to have the trigger job conducted. I am very pleased with the work itself. The trigger on the XD-E is definitely much better. I do have a couple complaints though. One would be the outrageous return shipping cost. I shipped the gun to LTT for less than $12 and when it was returned, LTT charged my card $41.89 for the return shipping. That ultimately made a worthwhile investment in my firearm’s trigger system a little too much. If I would have known the return shipping was going to be so high, I would have passed on getting the work done. I was also told on the phone before I sent the gun in that the bobbed hammer was included in the trigger job. I was contacted after the gun arrived at LTT and told that it wasn’t included and a mistake had been made by the person I spoke to on the phone. The bobbed hammer ran me another $55 on top of the $130 trigger job.

    I’m a proud and satisfied owner of a Beretta 92G Elite LTT, but this XD-E trigger job experience left me a little sour.