VZ G10 Ultra-Thin LTT Grips

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These exclusive LTT grips are made by VZ Grips to Ernest Langdon's specifications. They are the VZ Ultra Thin G10 Grips, featuring directional checkering to lock your grip down the right way. The checkering also goes higher on the grip panel, where it needs to be. Grips are available for the Beretta 92/96 and the 92 Compact. ​


What allen wrench size do the grip screws on the Elite LTT use? A 2mm Metric allen wrench

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    Awesome grips

    Posted by Robert Nelson on Oct 22nd 2019

    These grips are incredible, they feel very good in my hand and the slim profile is perfect for my small hands. Together with the WC short reach trigger these grips have made my M9 my new absolute favorite in my safe. This gun was transformed and feels like it was custom made for my small hands. Thank you

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    Regular and compact grips

    Posted by Kick on Oct 11th 2019

    I purchased both. Nice contour with good texture.

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    Vz Langdon slim line grips

    Posted by Dmac on Sep 11th 2019

    What can you say Vz g10's and LTT great combo.
    " Perfect "

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    VZ G10 Grips for Beretta 92F

    Posted by Doug N on Sep 7th 2019

    I own a mid-80s manufacture 92F that I used to carry as a duty gun back in the day. I read about these grips and they sounded good. I bought the black cherry color. They fit the gun perfectly. Although I have a pretty big hand and never had a problem with the factory grips, these are really nice looking and the fit and feel is outstanding. Great quality and the price is right. 5 stars.

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    Great grips

    Posted by Jim on Sep 4th 2019

    I have several sets of WC grips for my 92s. These LTT grips have a different checker pattern than the WC and are, in my opinion, better and more comfortable than the thin WC grips. Feel great and seem to fit my hand better. Fit is absolutely perfect so I do not understand the criticisms about needing to modify them. You won’t be disappointed.

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    VZ Grips & Steel Trigger Kit

    Posted by Rick on Aug 22nd 2019

    I shoot ~150 rounds weekly. I have several pistols to choose from but I rarely take my 5 year old Beretta 92FS Inox. I do not like the grip or trigger. After two years of sitting in my safe, untouched, I decided to do something. Research lead me to purchased the VZ G10 grips and the steel trigger kit and could not be happier. The tapered design fits my hand perfect. The texture helps keep the pistol in place perfectly during recoil, even during a hot sweaty summer day. The DA trigger pull was reduced from +10 (limit of pull gauge) to 7 lbs. Double action improved from 6 to 5 lbs. After a few trips to the range, I like it enough that I ordered a AIWB holster for concealed carry. From sitting in my safe to sitting on my side for less than $100.

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    Ultra thin grips

    Posted by Jim Earley on Aug 22nd 2019

    Excellent grips...

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    Model 92 Ultra thin grips

    Posted by jhe8888@yahoo.com on Aug 5th 2019

    These are, indeed, ultra thin. They do reduce overall grip size on a Beretta 92 noticeably. Still, this pistol has a big frame, so even these thin grips won't make the gun feel small in big hands. The checkering is grippy, but not overly aggressive. Theses are not sandpaper-ey, but are a little more secure in the hand than the factory plastic grips. I think most people would like these, and people with small hands should find these to big a big help with this big pistol.

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    Langdon Tactical Grips

    Posted by dave on Jul 26th 2019

    These grips are fantastic. They completely changed the feel of my M9.