Springfield Armory XD-E, Langdon Tactical Edition (9mm)

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The LTT XD-E, built by Springfield Armory, improved by Langdon Tactical. The XDE is the only viable DA/SA single stack gun on the market right now that give you an ultra-thin, concealable DA/SA conceal Carry option with several upgrades for better shootability.  We decrease the double action by over 2lbs bringing the DA to around 8 lb and the SA to 4-4.5 lbs. 

Read more about the XD-E and why Ernest Langdon chose it. 

The Springfield Armory XD-E upgraded by LTT includes: 

- Sniper gray cerakoted and LTT engraved slide
- LTT Trigger Job with the option of a 12# or 12.7# hammer spring
- Upgraded Ameriglo CAP Sights
- New low-profile hammer for better concealment and snag free draws 
- Extra 8-round flush magazine to give you three mags, one of each type, straight out the box, with an extra flush cap for magazine customization
- Option of two different hammer spring weights. 
  • 20% reduction weight 12.7 lbs spring for reliability with US and NATO-spec ammunition.
  • 25% reduction weight 12 lbs spring provides reliability with US-Spec Ammunition

SHIPPING TIMES: IN STOCK - Ships Within 1-3 Business Days. The XDE 3.8's are on backorder with Springfield - EXPECTED SHIP DATE is June 2020. 



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    XD-E 3.8" 9MM

    Posted by Dwight Kellams on Dec 14th 2019

    Review of XD-E and shooting a rental sold me on the XD-E except for the size so purchased the XD-S for carry. Really wanted the XD-E and Galloway Precision review and observations of the great design and their intent to develop upgrades had me waiting with baited breath. Still waiting and after purchasing from Beretta factory stock LTT 92g and PX4 and installing TJIB on both and awed at the improvement decided to order the XD-E direct from Langdon. Really glad I did. The XD-E points and shoots like a dream. Doubletaps to the body and 1 to the head were deadly accurate and no malfunctions in the first 200 rounds. Totally glad I did not go the stock/TJIB route. The extra 20% from buying direct from LTT is worth it and has me leaning towards sending the 92g and PX4 to LTT to get the rest of the treatment; except I like shooting them so much I do not want to be without them! Maybe send them in one at a time. Had already purchased the APX Carry b4 LTT came out with their version. Do I trust a local gunsmith? Might have to send that one in also!

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    Taking the XD-E to the next level!

    Posted by RPM on Dec 6th 2019

    I was the proud owner of an XD-E for some time, was really hard to find better sights and options for this pistol. Was waiting on Galloway Precision flat trigger that as of today it's not ready and then boom! Mr. Langdon decided to give this one a try. With my original XD-E sold, this was a no brainer for me. The upgrades on this pistol makes much sense, better sights, better DA pull, spiner gray cerakote, extra magazine and the guru of DA/SA blessing. Right now this has replaced my G43X as a daily carry (even with S15 magazines just arrived!). I feel so much safe and in control of a DA/SA firearm. The trigger on this one is super nice and the quality of Sprinfield shows on this model too. I'm really happy with my purchase, not sure if next will be a PX4 or a 92 Compact, but I'll be back soon!

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    Langdon XD-E

    Posted by David Crane on Sep 8th 2019

    Took my Langdon XD-E to the range. Surprisingly little recoil. Accurate at the distance I was shooting. The trigger breaks very far back, but is easily managed. I did have 1 light strike that fired on the 2nd Trigger pull. I also had a couple failures to return to battery. No issues shooting a variety of carry ammo. I prefer shooting my PX4 Compact Carry, but the XD-E is a dream to carry. A few more range sessions and it will probably be my choice for aiwb. I did choose the 12# mainspring when I ordered it.

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    Springfield Armory XD-E, LTT Edition

    Posted by Gene Rogers on Sep 6th 2019

    This is my only Springfield firearm and I am really impressed with the quality of this build. Never handled a stock XD-E but EL has made this a pleasure to shoot especially the DA. Great front sight that's easy to pick up, light weight and slim but low recoil, super easy to rack. I've only had this for a week and have run about 400 rounds of 147 and 124 gr. FMJ with no issues just need to find the right holster for carry. Most important for me is the slide-lock and de-cock/safety levers are low profile, can't see how you could accidentally engage the safety. I'm liking this little 9MM a lot, nice work LTT !