PX4 Compact Carry with LTT Trigger Job

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In collaboration with Ernest Langdon, The Beretta PX4 Compact Carry was developed with custom features to offer a lightweight hammer fired concealed carry gun.

Ernest has been a long proponent of Beretta DA/SA pistols for their accuracy, reliability, and safety.  The PX4 Compact was a natural choice as the base of this project because of its rotary barrel design, ammo capacity and smooth trigger pull. Incorporating the stealth levers, talon grips, night sights, and a lightened trigger pull makes this flat shooting pistol an ideal concealed carry gun. 

The Compact houses the rotating barrel system (barrel length is 3.2"), full 16 round capacity (15+1 in 9mm), an accessory rail, low-profile slide stop, new integral and retractable lanyard loop, and a cold hammer forged barrel for ultimate precision. 

The PX4 Compact Carry with Trigger Job and NP3, (formerly known as the “MOD 4”) includes an LTT Trigger Job and NP3 on the internals.

The PX4 Compact Carry with Trigger Job and NP3, Cut and Crowned Barrel and Spurless Hammer (formerly known as the "MOD 5") includes the LTT Trigger Job and NP3 on the internals.  

BORESIGHT SOLUTIONS ADD-ON CAN BE FOUND HEREhttps://www.langdontactical.com/boresight-solutions-texture-package/
PX4 Compact Carry with Trigger Job: Ships within 1-10 business days depending on when order is received and availability. 
The PX4 Compact Carry with Trigger Job and NP3, Cut and Crowned Barrel and Spurless Hammer: In Stock and Shipping 1-3 business days

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    PX4 Compact Carry w LTT trigger job

    Posted by Steve Schiemann on Mar 26th 2020

    This is my 2nd PX4 CC w Earnest's trigger job. I now have one for practice and one to carry after I break it in. It is a great little DA/SA pistol. Thanks Earnest for the design and improved trigger!

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    LTT PX4 Compact Carry

    Posted by Bruce on Mar 15th 2020

    Another outstanding pistol from Langdon Tactical! I was looking for something smaller than the 92 compact (always been my favorite Beretta) for regular carry. This is a skosh smaller (depending on what angle you want to take to look at it) than the Glock 19, has a fantastic single action, and very good double action trigger. It has thus far not malfunctioned with a variety of ball and Federal HST 147 grain ammunition. My round count is not particularly high yet, but not the first hint of trouble so far. Accuracy is outstanding which has always been my experience with Beretta. I replaced the "stealth de-cock levers" with the slightly more pronounced "carry" levers sold on this web site. The stealth levers are fine, but do wear on you with some use in a longer shooting session. I would highly recommend a buyer switch them out, easy to do, took me just a few minutes and they work great. Sights, are like they were made for me, I like the plain rear and tritium/orange up front for a carry gun. Plenty of width difference between the front blade and rear notch. Perfect for a carry gun, with no loss of speed or accuracy out to medium ranges completely within the expected use of a carry gun. I alsoI have to admit nice for a shooter deep into their 50s as well. This is simply a very well done carry pistol, I don't see how anyone could go wrong with it to this point in my user experience.

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    Ernest made a believer out of me

    Posted by Mike Trent on Mar 4th 2020

    Only Ernest Langdon could make a PX4 I actually like -- no, LOVE. This is a terrific pistol and a pleasure to shoot. Groups well, ergonomic, and easy on the eyes. Well worth it as another carry option!

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    PX4 compact carry with Trigger Job

    Posted by DB on Feb 23rd 2020

    Prior to receiving the PX4 CC I ordered, I was at my local range and was talking to a couple of the guys that work behind the desk. We were talking about the PX4 compact carry. I told him I had ordered it through LTT and he wasn’t quite sure if it was going to be as good as I knew it would be. I have the LTT Elite 92 and PX4 full size with trigger job, so I knew they would be.

    I’ve been to the range with it 4 times now and this gun is my absolute favorite. So easy to shoot, great groupings, the quickest and most accurate FAST drill I’ve ever run and look forward to continued improvement because of this great hand gun. I cannot say enough about it.

    Anyway, I finally got the range attendant I was talking with on my previous visit to put a magazine through the gun and he was stunned with the trigger. The smoothness of the DA is what he couldn’t get over. The stealth levers blew him away. The Ameriglo sights, the cerakote finish, the whole package. He couldn’t get over how good this gun was.

    As I was leaving he had me go back to the range so he could show his colleague the gun. I let him put a few rounds through it, and he was just as impressed.

    Great guys at the range with a great attitude and this gun surprised them with how great it shot.

    Thanks for another great gun, and great experience with LTT.

    Looking forward to the next purchase.

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    PX4 Storm Compact Fully Loaded

    Posted by Oliver on Nov 22nd 2019

    Excellent Firearm.

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    Px4 compact carry

    Posted by Anthony kenney on Sep 30th 2019


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    "full job" LTT PX4 compact carry

    Posted by Woody Nesbitt on Sep 4th 2019

    240 rounds, 9nn, was not expecting to be this impressed. Just wow! I have 6 Glocks, 2 Kahrs, .380, 9mm, .40, .45. This gun seals the deal I'm going to all 9mm for self defense, along with 2 convenient .380s. The SA/DA, full trigger job, sights combine to make this simply an incredible tool I'll be acquiring a sub-compact 9X4 9mm and sending it it for all LTT can do for it. Cannot go wrong with this LTT wonderful creation.

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    Px4 compact Carry

    Posted by Patrick DeCuir on Sep 4th 2019

    I never thought a DA/SA trigger could be so good! The NP3 coating is awesome and makes cleaning a breeze. I highly recommend this product and will be buying other guns from LTT in the future.

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    Compact Carry Greatness

    Posted by Joe Boeckx on Aug 29th 2019

    Concealable, Compact, smooth. The nicest polymer frame, 15-round pistol I’ve ever held. Best DA/SA trigger ever. Great sights. Would be great if it came stippled, but talon grips work well.