PX4 Carry Lever (Decocking Lever)

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The new PX4 Carry Lever Set designed by Ernest Langdon and manufactured by Beretta. It's the manufactured version of the original "Fugly".  The PX4 Carry is a 'G' Model that will work on the PX4 Compact, PX4 Full-size and subcompact. 

Comes as a set only! 



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    Posted by maxx on Jan 31st 2019

    The quality is top notch and the installation was easy enough. I have these on my full size langdon carry PX4 now as I don't carry the fullsize IWB and like the extra purchase on the levers. Now I just need an excuse to buy a subcompact to put the stealth levers on, haha.

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    Excellent Prodcut!

    Posted by delpopolo@gmail.com on Jan 24th 2019

    Excellent product, should be factory standard.

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    Excellent Product!

    Posted by Joseph DelPopolo on Nov 17th 2018

    These levers are a major improvement over the Stealth Levers. Your thumb will thank you!

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    The Best PX4 lever available

    Posted by Matthew Karam on Nov 6th 2018

    I’ve used the stealth levers and the 92 style levers on my PX4 compact carry. The new carry lever is the best by far. They are easier to manipulate compared to the stealth lever and much lower profile compared to the 92 style. The carry lever is the best of both worlds. I was able to install them myself in about 10 minutes. Just take your time and don’t force anything. Also, you don’t need to take out the extractor like one popular video shows.

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    PX4 Carry Lever

    Posted by Eric Moore on Nov 1st 2018

    Perfect part for an EDC PX4. I liked the thinness of the stealth levers, but had to use my thumb and index finger of my left hand over the top to decock the pistol. There’s no real noticeable difference with the size of these, but there is just enough material there to use my right thumb to decock effortlessly. Highly recommended upgrade. Works perfect leaving the stealth lever on the right side. Easy install with the correct tools.

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    PX4 Fugly Lever

    Posted by mike on Sep 11th 2018

    The stealth levers that came with my PX4 from LTT were very good and I could operate the de-cock fairly easily - unless my hands were really sweaty or I was wearing gloves. The Fugly lever solved this problem. Everyone who has tried it really likes it.

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    Posted by Gerrit Zaayman on Aug 13th 2018

    When using the PX4 Carry for 3 Gun shooting the stealth levers are just too small. The Fugly lever is perfect from a size, form and function perspective and work effortlessly when having to de-cock the pistol at the start or during stages. It is still sized narrow enough to not hinder when used for concealed carry purposes. I did not think that any upgrades would be necessary when I purchased the top of the line PX4 Carry but this is a must, specially when you use the pistol for more than just concealed carry purposes and even then I would still recommend it. Perfect.

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    Fugly, but functional

    Posted by Ray Piedra on Aug 3rd 2018

    Without a doubt this lever is the best option for concealment and positive manipulation of the decocking lever. Funny name, but actually looks really good on the pistol.

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    Michael Morrow

    Posted by Michael Morrow on Aug 1st 2018

    After the original PX4 "thumb assassin," and the moderate improvement of the Langdon "Stealth" decocker that was less hostile, but presented too small a profile to engage well, this is the solution to what was an irritating flaw in an otherwise outstanding pistol. Not only is this iteration more easily manipulated, the craftsmanship is superior to the Stealth version. Easily worth $45. Considering replacement of the off-side lever also. Thanks to Ernest Langdon for removing the pimple from the bride's nose.