Optimized Performance Trigger Bar

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The NEW Optimized Performance Trigger Bar from LTT provides significant reduction in reset distance, improved double action, and a reduction in over travel on your Beretta 92/M9A1/M9A3. You can use it alone or combine it with an LTT Trigger job for quicker, smoother and more predictable shots. 

The Black is the Duralube finish discussed in the video. 

The NP3 option is the silver/nickel Teflon finish. 

In stock and shipping within 1-3 business days.


  • Will the OP Trigger Bar work with the existing trigger job/trigger job in a bag I have? Yes it will. 
  • Will the OP Trigger Bar work with the Short Reach Trigger? Yes. 
  • Is this drop in ready? Yes. It may need to be fitted, but less than the other trigger bars we sell. 
  • What 92's will this work in? It will work in the 92F models and later and *may* also work with 92SB's. It will not work with the 92S. 
  • Do I need to have a trigger job on my gun in order for this to work? No, you do not. 
  • Is the firing pin block functional and gun still drop safe with the installation of this OP Trigger Bar? Yes. 
  • Will the OP Trigger Bar work on a 92 Compact and Centurion? Yes. 
  • Will the OP Trigger Bar work on the 92D? Yes, it will work, but it will not reduce the reset. 
  • Does the OP Trigger Bar reduce pre-travel? No. 
  • Will the OP Trigger Bar work on a 92D or Double action only model? The hard finish should make the Double action smoother, but it will not reduce the reset. The OP Trigger Bar shortens the reset in single action only. 
  • I Installed my OP Trigger Bar and now I feel a 'hitch' in DA? At the very beginning of the trigger pull in DA, the 'hitch' is the half cock notch. All of them do it, this is normal, you may just notice it more because it's actually smoother. You may even hear it, but rest assured, it's normal. It's a safety measure and part of DA/SA operation.


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    Optimized Performance trigger bar for Beretta M 92FS

    Posted by Rob on Aug 13th 2019

    Outstanding addition, along with the D spring to improve DA trigger pull. I highly recommend this simple to install part. Well worth the money for the improvement you get.

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    Superlative Upgrade for the Beretta 92

    Posted by Chuck Noe on Aug 13th 2019

    I was excited when I saw the announcement about the Optimized Performance Trigger Bar.
    I ordered two of them. One with the NP3 and the other with the Duralube finish.
    I installed the NP3 version in my 92 LTT Elite and the other went into a 92A1 which has one of LTT's superb Trigger Job in a Bag in it.
    Both were drop in parts with zero fitting required. I took them to my range today for a test fire and both worked flawlessly with no binding or failures of any kind.
    The double action on both firearms seemed smoother and the single action reset is nothing short of phenomenal. This upgrade puts the single action reset on par with any 1911 out there.
    If you are looking for a trigger bar which will provide significant improvements to the trigger on your Beretta 92, Langdon Tactical is your one stop shop.

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    Optimized Performance Trigger Bar

    Posted by Paul Musatow on Aug 13th 2019

    I have bought the Wilson Combat Trigger Bar and I couldn't get it to work with My New Beretta M9A3 Handgun. I was afraid of Buying the Optimized Performance Trigger Bar because I figured that it was just more of the same. Well it's not !!! The Optimized Trigger Bar is just a wonder to be seen.
    It just Dropped in without any fitting and it made the RESET so much better. I got smoother and the Break was PERFECT !!! I would buy it again. And I would put it in any BERETTA 92 model. Buy it, you'll be glad You did !!!

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    Optimized Performance Trigger Bar

    Posted by Gene Rogers on Aug 13th 2019

    I've swapped out four of these OP trigger bars so far and three of them have been drop-in with no fitting necessary. A Centurion with a Wilson SRT took fitting by stoning down the over-travel hump, I was too cautious at first because it's hard to see how much material I was removing. It took maybe 10 minutes longer because I had the bar in and out a few times before it was perfect just like the others. I plan on ordering a couple every month until all my 92's are Optimized.

  • 5
    Trigger bar

    Posted by Robert Jimenez on Aug 12th 2019

    Sweet! Going to run LTT in a local USPSA Hosier match..

  • 5
    Simply awesome!

    Posted by Barre on Aug 12th 2019

    Easy to install. Works great right out of the box! Could not possibly be happier!

  • 4
    OMG Perfect Trigger Bar

    Posted by Michael Langley on Aug 12th 2019

    Langdon has done it again. I've been telling people for months, since I received my LTT Beretta, how wonderful the Wilson Combat trigger bar is that ships on the Elite LTT. It lets you pull the trigger almost all the way back and eliminates most of the overtravel in the double action pull while pushing the hammer back further than the OEM bar for maximal primer ignition. Something you can see and feel compared to the standard trigger bar.

    This OP does the same thing. It also takes the single action to a whole nother lever. It circumvents the firing pin block reset to give you the shortest possible reset you could squeeze out of any modern 92 series pistol. Not only that but it almost completely eliminates the overtravel on the single action pull compared to the OEM bar and even the Wilson. There is still some overtravel there but it's almost immeasurable. I am blown away.

    This is sexy as hell. I'm thoroughly excited and looking forward to shooting my Elite. I only gave it 4 stars because I know this bar could have been designed to take more overtravel out of the double action pull. Would love to see that in a second generation release if possible. That being said I would have paid $100 for this amazing upgrade. I'd say the single action trigger on my Elite is just as nice as my Sigs and CZs with adjustable triggers. Short reset and minimal overtravel.

    Thank you!!!

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    Very cool. Very Legit.

    Posted by Jon on Aug 11th 2019

    Excellent part. Reduces reset quite dramatically.

  • 5
    trigger bar 92fs.

    Posted by charles on Aug 9th 2019

    What a great improvement to my 92FS installation took literally minutes -simple and easy But the improvement to the gun was significant- I love It!!!!!!