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LTT 1301 Shotgun

LTT 1301 Shotgun

LTT 1301 Tactical Shotgun NEW from Langdon Tactical - The New LTT 1301 Tactical Shotgun is the ultimate in features giving you a complete shotgun straight out of the box, A Gen 2 Beretta 1301...

LTT Chrome Silicon Recoil Spring

Chrome Silicon Recoil Spring for the 92 Full-Size, Compact and Centurion. Not sure whether to choose the 12.5#, 11.5# or 14#? The 12.5# should be used for EDC and the most commonly purchased. The...

Custom Gun Work - 92/96/M9/PX4

$110.00 - $205.00
Custom Without Compromise Want to send your 92/96/M9/PX4 in for Custom Gun Work? LTT takes an uncompromising approach to their firearms.  When it comes to custom gun work, every...

NP3 + Trigger Job for the 92/96/M9

$535.00 - $575.00
Effective 2/1: NP3 Option includes an NP3 finish on all of the metal parts in the firearm, EXCEPT for the frame, slide, and barrel. Includes all new parts listed below: G Conversion Kit, Solid...

Trigger Job in a Bag - PX4

$165.00 - $205.00
Trigger Job in a Bag - PX4 After several thousand trigger jobs on Beretta 92s and PX4s, LTT has the process down to a formula. We now offer what we call "Trigger Job in a Bag". Purchase this kit to...

PX4 Full-Size and Compact Conversion

$510.00 - $630.00
Convert your PX4 Storm Full-Size or PX4 Compact Carry to include all of the upgrades: Ameriglo Night Sights, Talon Grips, Competition Trigger Group, Stealth Levers, Extended Mag Button, Reduced...