Custom Gun Work - 92/96/M9

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Order your Langdon Tactical custom gun work and trigger job for Beretta 92/96/M9 Series pistols. 

Please fill out and ship this custom order form with your firearm. YOU MUST INCLUDE A COPY OF THE ORDER FORM and YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE WITH YOUR SHIPMENT. If you would like for us to send you a shipping label, please indicate that in your notes and forward a copy of your order to to request a shipping label. Shipping fees will be charged. 


  • Level One Trigger Job - a basic action trigger job that improves the weight and feel in both double action and single action with a reduced weight hammer spring (PX4) 
  • ​Level Two Trigger Job - Beretta 92/96/M9 only                 


  • Spurless Hammer
  • Model 92 (Black)
  • VZ Grips
  • Wilson Combat Battlesights (Rear-sight for 92 Series Only)
  • Top-End Rebuild
  • G-conversion: Convert 92FS to G-Model
  • Elite-II Mag Release Button (Model 92’s only!)
  • Brig-Tac Mag Release Button (Model 92’s only!)
  • Locking Block Kit
  • NP3
  • Carry Bevel
  • Sights


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  • 5
    I had a trigger job performed and the work was excellent. It definitely improves both the DA/SA.

    Posted by Stewart B on Mar 27th 2020

    LTT received the Gun on Tuesday and I had it back on Friday. Fabulous service.

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    Beretta 92X Compact Trigger Job...

    Posted by Mark E. Woodward on Mar 25th 2020

    Beretta ALMOST got the new 92X series of handguns perfect right out of the box, with no more cheap plastic parts anywhere, just good old 'Merican pig iron everywhere!!!

    I say ALMOST right because I quickly realised that the trigger function wasn't anywhere near where it could and should be, especially when compared to the trigger on my full size 92 Elite LTT. So, I boxed it up and sent it off to have Ernest work his magic.

    What I received back from LTT was a duplicate of the trigger on my LTT. The double action pull is smooth and easy, but the single action function is where Ernest's talents really shine! The SA reset is MAYBE a 1/16th of an inch and the pull is MAYBE a 1/4 pound!!! It's absolutely amazing the difference between the trigger function of the gun from the factory and after Ernest has done his thing.

    A trigger job from Ernest is mandatory anytime you buy a Beretta, new or used. It's money WELL SPENT!!!

  • 5
    92 Elite LTT trigger job

    Posted by Craig Richey on Feb 24th 2020

    Worth the cost. That first trigger pull in double action after the trigger job is incredibly smooth. No comparison to what I sent them and what I got back. Going to be sending my original 92 next.

  • 5
    Outstanding Trigger Job!

    Posted by Eric M Salois on Feb 22nd 2020

    I recently had a trigger job done on my Beretta 92 LTT and it is the BEST! I took it to the range and it is outstanding! A great bang for the buck. The initial double action pull was around 12lbs and now it is around 6lbs. It is smooth and crisp with an awesome break. The reset is unbelievable making double taps effortless and fast. I couldn't be happier with the Langdon Tactical gunsmithing and I highly recommend this company and their services to all that would hear me! Oohrah! Get some outstanding workmanship for your Berretta here. You won't be disappointed. Semper Fi. Thank you to all the people at Langdon Tactical for your help and service.

  • 2

    Posted by Donald Hamilton on Feb 15th 2020

    Be careful ordering the Single side lever. My LTT 92G is not a G model anymore. This is a 92F/FS part only. Have to send it to Wilson to get the "G" single side lever.

  • 5
    Trigger Job

    Posted by Bill on Jan 10th 2020

    Fantastic! Sent my 92c to LTT on Monday. Returned to me on Friday. Wanted the trigger work done to it as I just couldn’t get the Landon Trigger bar to work like it did in my other 92s that I did the install for. The firearm I received today has a trigger now that cannot be beat. I will not do my own work again. Smooth, crisp break and awesome reset. Totally Satisfied is an understatement. Thank you for exceeding my desires 10 fold. Cannot believe I got it back in 5 days and with excellent results.

  • 5
    LTT Elite had a great trigger, now it has a phenomenal trigger

    Posted by Grant Holzworth on Dec 6th 2019

    I bought my LTT Elite new from a local gun shop and sent it to Langdon for the Level 2 trigger job. The gun already had a really good trigger. What I got back from Langdon was a whole different animal. The take-up and trigger pull in double-action was smoother and softer. I noticed that immediately. The trigger break, though, was amazing. It doesn't break quite like a glass rod, but it is darn close. I've shot quite a few expensive custom 1911's and a couple of custom 1911 Bullseye pistols whose triggers weren't that much better than my Elite LTT post-trigger job. It wasn't easy parting with $165 dollars but it was worth EVERY penny. I shot it in an IDPA match shortly after I got it back and did pretty well considering it's a gun I'm still getting used to shooting (haven't built-up the muscle memory with it yet). A couple of months from now it will probably be my main competition gun once I get some repetitive practice in.

  • 5
    LTT Trigger Job - Beretta 92F

    Posted by Jeff Patton on Nov 8th 2019

    Never imagined how smooth the double action trigger pull could be on my 30+ year old 92F. Kudo's to Mr. Langdon.

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    Level 2 trigger job, plus

    Posted by Kirk March on Oct 27th 2019

    Sent in my almost 20 year-old Brigadier Elite for a level 2 trigger job, to include the Optimized Performance Trigger bar. Took a really good shooting gun and turned it into an amazing shooter! Smooth as butter DA and light crisp SA with a crazy short reset. Added some LTT ultra-thin G10 grips which made the package that much sweeter. You need to experience it to fully appreciate. The folks at LTT took good care of me and will be going back for more services in the future. Thank you!!