92 Elite LTT Compact

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Please select all options above in each section for the pricing configurations. Check out this video on the Optimized Performance Trigger Bar if you haven't seen it yet! The Beretta Factory Trigger Bar is available for selection on the Duty Model only. It is included in the box for all other purchases. 

92 Elite LTT Compact Features:


  • ​Shortened 92G Vertec Slide
  • Front Cocking Serrations 
  • G-Model Decock only 
  • Dovetailed Fiber Optic Front Sight (.110 inch wide serrated)
  • Square Notch Serrated Rear Sight
  • Stainless 4.25 inch Barrel with Target Crown
  • Solid Steel Guide Rod
  • Beveled Rear Slide 




  • M9A1 Frame 
  • Exclusive Radiused Trigger Guard
  • Stainless Steel Trigger
  • Checkering on the front and back strap
  • Spurless Hammer
  • Ultra Thin VZ/LTT G10 Grips
  • Stainless Steel Hex Head Grip Screws
  • Beveled Magazine Well 
  • D Model Hammer Spring
  • Flush Main Spring Cap (No Lanyard Loop) 
  • Oversized Magazine Release Button


Action                                        Single/Double
Barrel length (in)                       4.25”
Caliber                                       9x19 (PARA)     
Grip Width                                 1.3"      
Magazine  Capacity                  10 – 15 rds
Overall height (in)                     5.25”                     
Overall length (in)                     7.75”
Overall width (in)                      1.5"
Sight radius (in)                        5.75”
Weight unloaded (OZ)              28.5 oz


The Elite LTT comes with (3) 15-round Mec-Gar magazines. 92 Elite Compact with an LTT Trigger Job will come with a 13# Chrome Silicon Hammer Spring. If you want a different lb hammer spring, just put it in your notes at checkout. 

The Elite LTT Carry Bevel includes a full carry bevel (rounding of all external sharp edges), the frame is cerakoted, slide is black cerakoted and all metal parts receive NP3 finish and are silver in color, except for the stainless barrel. It also includes the Langdon Tactical Trigger Job. 



  • 92 Elite Compact with Trigger Job, Spartan Sights or NP3 will ship in order received in 1-3 business days, depending on when order is received (excluding holidays)
  • For orders with Carry Bevel, firearms will ship in 2-4 weeks 


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  • 5

    Posted by Dennis on Mar 26th 2020

    Bought this for my wife. It was a wise decision. Very smooth trigger. With NP3, Spartan sights, carry bevel and trigger job. No regrets at all.

  • 5
    GREAT product and service from LTT

    Posted by Rich Melillo on Feb 17th 2020

    This is my second LTT I bought direct, NO REGRETS.

  • 5
    Elite LTT Compact

    Posted by Richard on Feb 15th 2020

    What a great gun, check boxes and have customized! Then gun shows up ASAP.
    Made me go ahead and get the LTT FS. Both are really slick.
    Thanks LTT team!

  • 5
    LTT compact

    Posted by Farquar on Feb 7th 2020

    Highly recommend. With a good holster you are set to go to a bbq.

  • 5
    The best of the best

    Posted by Sbecker on Jan 22nd 2020

    Was shipped just one day after purchase(excellent surprise) price totally worth every penny. Trigger amazing. Bevel cut is nice but compared to my WC FS beretta I cant tell if was was totally needed. Np3 magazines FLY out the gun awesome! Points perfect and shoots flies wings off at 25yds. Will probably sent back for cut and crown but not till I have 1000rds thru it. Though I know that LTT would have it back in a week like previous jobs sent to them. Get this you will love it.

  • 5
    92 Elite LTT Compact

    Posted by Woody Nesbitt on Jan 11th 2020

    Full disclosure: I own a LTT “full job” PX4 Compact. Amazing gun. Made me love DA/SA and awesome triggers. I’m a “compact fan”. When the 92 Elite Compact was released, read about it, UTubed it, studied...gave up and gave myself a “full job” 92 Compact for XMas. Worth every penny. Shoots amazing. I’ve run 600+ through it, not a hiccup. Have over 2000 through my PX4 LTT. Never a hiccup. Both are fast on target, balanced, smooth shooters with 9mm 115, 115+P, 124, 147 Speer Lawman at indoor range. Have fired 3, 4 diff respected hollow points through both, Speer, Federal, Hornady...not a hiccup. Folks, these are devices what they cost. Also, LTT personnel have been wonderfully helpful explaining this and that, have spoken to Andrew and Amy...they know their stuff. Can’t go wrong with LTT’s “touches” on these guns. For the record, I own around 12 pistols, no “cheapies”, these LTTs are clearly the cream of the crop.

  • 5

    Posted by Joseph Falcone on Jan 9th 2020

    I own a few high end 1911’s from Wilson Combat, I have always said those triggers were amazing. My LTT compares to or surpasses my 1911’s. The fit and finish of this pistol is second to none. I am so happy I switched to the LTT Compact as my EDC. I’ll be ordering the full size next.

  • 5
    92 Compact “full job”

    Posted by Woody Nesbitt on Jan 8th 2020

    Previously bought a “full job” Storm PX4 Compact. Stunning device. Folks at my range are heavy law enforcement, Special Forces, State Department folks. They were blown away by the quality, smoothness, balance, accuracy and reliability of the PX4. Then, along came the “full job” 92 Compact. Same reaction, comments, not cause it is mine, they’ve “muffed” a couple of my pistols and given me reasons why, all are blown away by this incredible machine/tool. As am I. Must say, opened the box, thought LTT accidentally sent me someone’s custom gun. It was BEAUTIFUL! Various controls were “silver”. Red dots re de-cocking were not visible...called, got Amy on phone, who wonderfully explained this was my gun, NP3 made certain external things “silver”, beveling entire gun = Cerakote of slide, thus no red dots which I did not care about anyway, jus thought they’d accidentally sent me someone’s custom ordered gun. It was beautiful. Well, it was mine. Got exactly what I ordered, jus never had photos of what it’d look like. LOVE it. Same very experienced folks at my range have shot it, messed with it, etc., 100% is WOW! Amazing! Why can’t [this company, that company/brand] create something like this. I now have 600+ rounds through it, not a single “issue”. None. NADA. Zip. LTT support, information, clarification is awesome. And fast. My gripe: which do I OWB carry today, PX4 or 92 Compact. Well, no gripe, just a grin. LTT rocks. And, is real. And reliable.

  • 5
    What a masterpiece!

    Posted by Jeremy on Jan 7th 2020

    I bought the LTT compact with carry bevel, and spartan sights, and added the cut and crowned barrel and mag guide. I love this gun. I have three 92s with LTT trigger jobs in bags (one with NP3 parts and the LTT trigger bar) and the triggers on those guns are fantastic, but the Langdon in-house-done trigger job is noticeably better. Any skepticism I had about the value of the carry bevel went away the first time I picked up the gun. This gun is smooth, shoots amazing, is perfectly finished, and has the best trigger I've ever shot!