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Confidentia V.C.

Women's Only Handgun Fundamentals
The Women's Only Handgun Fundamentals course is a starter course to introduce women to handguns while teaching the basics to being comfortable and safe. This course will be taught by Ernest Langdon and Aimee Barmore. 

Topics that will be covered: 

Basic Safety 
Handgun types and function 
Choosing a handgun that's right for you
Safe handling and storage
Ammunitions Basics 

Grip & Stance
Trigger Control Basics
Concealed Carry Basics

Traveling with Guns
Guns and Children (safety considerations)

Students will need: 

  • Handgun if you have one**
  • 250 rounds of reliable ammunition** 
  • Eye and Ear Protection 

**If you do not have a handgun or ammunition, you can rent them for the one-day class for $65. Please make note on your registration form.**