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Confidentia V.C.

Tactical Carbine Skills
Topics that will be covered:
History of the AR15 
Detail function of Direct Impingement Gas System  
Keeping your AR Running (maintenance and spare parts)  
Internal ballistics of the AR15 
External Ballistics  
Terminal Ballistics  
Understanding bullet flight and Zero Choices 
Fundamentals of Rifle/Carbine Marksmanship 
Fundamental Rifle/Carbine Shooting Positions  
Optic selection for the AR15 
Use of Cover with a Long Gun
Supported/Field Shooting Positions 
Sling Choice and Use 
Sight Offset and CQB Shooting 
Multiple Targets 
Shooting on the Move 
Malfunction Clearing 
Reloads and Ammo Management

Students will need: 

High Quality AR 15 with sling 
4 High Quality 30 round magazines 
At least two magazine pouches
Drop pouch/bag recommended) 
800 rounds of reliable ammunition 
Eye and Ear Protection 
Rain Gear (we will train rain or shine)